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4 Reasons To Pack A Wrap For Lunch

Between calls, mandatory training, and station maintenance – it can be hard to find time for a healthy lunch. You might have good intentions to eat your meal prep…and then the tones drop again. If you’re frustrated with your current lunch routine, wraps might be the answer!

No Plate Required

The best part about wraps is their portability. So long as you remember your cooler, wraps are perfect between calls or at long, outdoor drills. Be sure to cut out your wraps in half, in case you have to eat half then save the other for later.

Balanced Nutrition 

Meeting every nutrition recommendation on the go is hard. Fortunately, wraps hit most of the dietary guidelines. When done right, a wrap has at least one serving each of whole grains,  vegetables, and protein. 

Wraps can make it easier to hit your veggie goals for the day without relying on a salad. Coleslaw veggies, bell peppers, and onion can add a satisfying crunch. Spinach or romaine lettuce can act as a barrier for sauces, preventing a soggy wrap. 

Incorporating a veggie into a wrap leaves more room for fun sides! Fruit is always a great choice; try grapes, apple slices, or a fruit cup. If you grew up with chips on the side, opt for light white cheddar popcorn, Lays Poppables, or Popcorners. These lighter options provide more fiber and fewer calories than a traditional chip. 

Wraps Hold More Ingredients 

Relative to a sandwich, wraps hold more ingredients in place. This means you can pack a wrap with shredded chicken or veggies without making a mess! Look for a rectangular wrap or flatbread for an easier roll. Aldi has multigrain flatbreads that are high in protein and fiber for only 100 calories.

Save Some Money

Eating lunch out every day adds up fast – on your waistline and in your wallet. Buying your sandwich out daily can cost anywhere from $6 to $12, or $120 to $240 a month. Preparing your wraps at home costs roughly $2 per wrap and saves you a decision after a long morning. 


Cost aside, chances are the lunch you’re buying is not the healthiest choice. A handful of stressful calls can turn a salad into a quarter-pounder with fries in the blink of an eye. Packing ahead of time is the best motivator to eating healthy and saving money at lunch. After all, you won’t let a delicious and nutritious meal go to waste over buying lunch, would you? 

What if I get Stuck on Calls? 

If you forgot to grab your cooler, no worries! You can still grab a decent meal from a fast-food restaurant or convenience store. Focus on ordering lean protein and a plant. For protein, this means grilled chicken, turkey, fish, shrimp, tofu, or beans. For plants, this means fruit or a vegetable. Grab a side salad, fruit cup, or apple slices. At Mexican or Asian restaurants, double up on fajita or stir fry veggies. Add a grain or potato and you have a balanced meal on the go. 


Need some wrap ideas to get started? Try the Buffalo Chicken wrap or Poppyseed Chicken wrap. You can prepare both options, that way you don’t get bored mid-week. The grocery list for 12 wraps is $30, and leaves you leftover ingredients for your next batch!

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