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Nuts for Hearth Health

Firefighting is a calling, but there is no denying that the physical and mental stress of the job can impact your heart. Firefighters have some of the highest rates of

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7 Tricks for Eating Slower

Are you the first person to finish your meal at the station? Or do you subconciously compete with your fellow firefighters to see who finishes first? Many firefighters inhale their

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Healthy-ish Holiday Eating

Tis’ the season of family, giving thanks, and of course food! These next few months are an exciting, but can be a stressful time for first responders. Stress and lack

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Post-Workout Nutrition

Eating after a workout can be a challenge on shift. Before you run on to your next task, be sure to fuel up. In order to recover appropriately, the energy

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Pre-Workout Nutrition

Eating before a workout can be challenging as a firefighter, especially on duty. You can have the best intentions, until the tones drop during your first set. Having a snack

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Omega 3’s & Your Heart

With sudden cardiac events causing 47% of line of duty, heart disease is a major concern in the fire service. Now, preventing heart disease is multi-faceted and can’t be prevented

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